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The Plan: Why Invite? Because We Believe Jesus Is the Only Way.

Various Scriptures

1. There are many religions.

  • They all can’t be right.

  • Christ declared to be the only way.

  • Believing Jesus is the only way is foundational.

2. The Trinity testified to Christ’s exclusivity.

  • The Father testifies.

  • Jesus testifies.

  • The Holy Spirit testifies.

3. The apostles testified to Christ’s exclusivity.

4. Believe it and live it out.

  • Jesus is the only way, or He’s no way.

  • Jesus understood that outside of Him, people are doomed.

  • It creates in us a passion to live for Him.

  • It gives us perseverance to stand for Him.

Going Deeper
  1. Are there people around you who believe in other ways?

  2. How much do you know about that other way?

  3. Would you be interested in learning from that person what that way is about?



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