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This Is Who We Are

Our mission is to develop people with a heart for God, one another, and the lost. "The Plan" is a four-part approach to becoming more and more like Jesus Christ for the Glory of God - Invite. Connect. Equip. Mobilize. Our mission and Plan work together to inspire the heartbeat of Haven Church.


Inviting others into our lives so they can see God's Love & Truth.

God's primary way to reach His creation is by using His people.  We all desire to be used by God. We want to create a culture in our congregation that is able to understand and listen to hearts through relationships with people, while being a witness of the gospel!

"Join us as we learn how to be more inviting together. Our goal is for everyone of us to be an authentic witness for Christ; and we seek to do this in our families, jobs, schools and everywhere else we go! We want to give the world a glimpse of Christ's love in and through our lives." Darius White


Connecting with others to experience the Kingdom of God

Haven Church has people you can connect with. If you are looking for friends, if you feel like community is what you are lacking, try Haven Church.  It’s OK to try us and just “visit” for a couple of times, but if you are looking for all-in community we have opportunities to experience authentic Christ-following people.

"My philosophy has been shaped to a great extent by this text: if you want the most from your church experience, if the Love of Christ is going to make a difference for you, if you hunger for community, then do this: Agree with each other to love each other... Philippians 2:1" ~Lin Batts


Equip is about transformation into Christ-likeness.

Jesus Christ is simultaneously the goal for and the example of what our life should be. The goal of equipping others towards Christ-likeness at Haven Church is to create and sustain opportunities where we may be renewed, and our lives changed, through the work of the Holy Spirit.

"Paul reminds us in Romans 12:2 to 'not be conformed to this world, but instead to be transformed by the renewing of our minds'. Together, with the Equip team we create and sustain opportunities where the renewal and transformation of disciples can occur."  ~Shawn Johnson & Kevin Platte


Sending people out into the world to expand the Kingdom of God.

We live right in the middle of the world's biggest mission field; we don't have to go far to get into action. Haven has a lot of different Mobilization Opportunities that you can get involved with and make a difference RIGHT NOW .

"I join with the Mobilization Deacons in increasing awareness and encouraging congregational participation in service opportunities that bless the community while serving as an example of Christ's love for others." ~Shawn Johnson

Haven's Staff

Craig Gilbert

Lead Pastor

Lin Batts

Director of Care & Connect

Barry Boekeloo

Facility Manger

Shawn Johnson

Executive Pastor

Dave Ericks

Youth Ministry Director


Niki Kelley

Office Manager


Kevin Platte

Pastor of Life Groups

Sandy Sanders

Children's Ministry Director

Kathy Militzer

Administrative Assistant

Darius White

Pastor of Invite

Chad Thompson

Worship Leader

Kloie Linders

Visual Media Director & Youth Intern

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