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Jesus Is Greater: Trust in God's Promise

Read Hebrews 6:13-20

“When we surrender to God, we get assurance from God.” ~Asil Treblig

1. God’s promise is supreme.

  • It has the highest accountability.

  • It has a proven track record.

2. God’s promise is guaranteed.

  • Backed up by His word.

  • Backed up by an oath.

3. God’s promise is alive.

  • Jesus – firm and secure.

  • Jesus – Our forever High Priest

Going Deeper
  1. Think of a time when you couldn’t trust someone, or someone couldn’t trust you. Explain.

  2. Do you think God and His word can be fully trusted? Why or why not?

  3. Read Numbers 23:13-20. What do these verses say about God?

  4. Read Psalm 33:4; 18:30. What further insight do these give you about the trustworthiness of God?

  5. How is God asking you to trust Him now? Will you? What does trusting God look like in your situation?


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