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Jesus Is Greater: He Brings a Better Promise

Read Hebrews 8

“I wonder what it is like to never break a promise… I will ask Jesus when I see Him" ~Asil Treblig

1. His seat is better. (8:1)

  • A seat of completion.

  • A seat of mercy and intercession.

  • A seat of honor exultation and power.

2. His sanctuary is better. (8:2-5)

  • It’s the true one.

  • It’s built by God.

  • It’s built for Jesus.

3. His covenant is better. (8:6-13)

  • It’s a perfect promise.

  • It’s an internal not external promise.

  • It’s a personal promise.

  • It’s a complete promise.

Going Deeper
  1. Remember a time when someone promised you something but didn’t follow through. How did you feel?

  2. From what you know of the Bible, write down some promises God has made you?

  3. Read Numbers 23:18-20. What insight do we gain about God’s character from these verses?

  4. Read Romans 11:29. What does God’s gifts and His call mean to you personally? What does irrevocable mean?

  5. What promise that God has made to you do you really need to believe today? By faith, thank Him for coming through for you!


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