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Jesus Is Greater... Than Melchizedek

Read Hebrews Chapter 7

“Even if we believe half of what we know about Jesus... He is still like no other.” ~C.S. Lewis

1. Melchizedek’s great priesthood. (1-3)

  • His priesthood was universal.

  • His priesthood was royal.

  • His priesthood was righteous/peaceful.

  • His priesthood was personal.

  • His priesthood was eternal.

2. Melchizedek’s proven priesthood. (4-10)

  • He collected a tithe from Abraham.

  • He blessed Abraham.

  • His priesthood lives on.

3. Jesus’ greater priesthood. (11-28)

  • Brings perfection/completeness.

  • Brings a better law… GRACE!

  • Brings better promises!

Going Deeper
  1. Remember a time when you thought someone was really great. Do they continue to live up to your expectations?

  2. Read Gen.14:17-20; Heb.7; Psalm 110:4. What insight can you gain about Melchizedek?

  3. What characteristics of Melchizedek can you also ascribe to Jesus?

  4. According to these verses why is Jesus greater?

  5. Are you living your life like Jesus is the greatest? How can you do it more?


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