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Jesus Is Greater: So Let's Live Victoriously!

Read Hebrews 12:14-29

“The Christian life is one of victory regardless of circumstances, in Christ we are more than conquerors!” ~Conrad Tymes

1. Be Purposeful to: (v.14)

  • Live peacefully.

  • Live righteously.

2. Be Intentional to: (vv.15-17)

  • Share God’s grace.

  • Be nice.

  • Be sexually pure.

  • Be godly.

3. Be Mindful to: (vv.18-28)

  • Not live in fear.

  • Live in assurance.

Going Deeper

  1. Remember a time when you felt defeated or that you couldn’t go on. What happened?

  2. Read Romans 12:18. What does this verse say about peaceful living?

  3. Read 1Peter 1:13-16. What do these verses say about living righteously for God?

  4. Read 1John 5:9-14. What knowledge can we gain from these verses about the assurance of our faith in Christ?

  5. In what ways are you living victoriously for Christ? In what areas can you improve?


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