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Jesus Is Greater: His Offering Is the Best!

Read Hebrews 9:11-28

“Jesus is just the best, period. Why would we give our lives to anything else…that’s just dumb." ~Mark Batterson

Because of His better offering…

1. He Entered the Greater Tabernacle. (11, 24)

  • The one that is perfect.

  • The one made by God.

  • The one He purified with His blood.

2. He Effectively Deals with Sin. (12-15)

  • We are eternally redeemed.

  • Our conscience is clear.

  • Even under the first covenant.

3. He Initiated a Greater Covenant. (16-23)

  • His death was necessary.

  • His blood was necessary.

4. His Mediation is final and complete. (24-28)

  • It is immediate.

  • He sat down!

Going Deeper
  1. Remember a time when you had to bring something somewhere that was a reflection of you (ex. Potluck). How did you feel about it? Was it good enough?

  2. Read Lev. 16. What did the High Priest have to bring into the Holy of Holies and why…how often?

  3. Read Lev.17:10-12. What does it say about the blood of the offering?

  4. Explain in your own words why Christ is the ultimate High Priest for us?

  5. With such a High Priest before us, how does this change how we serve Him?


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