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Jesus Is Greater... He Is Our Rest

Read Hebrews 4:1-13

“To be totally secure, blessed, and at peace with God, to trust Him for and in all things – that is the rest of God.” ~Asil Treblig

1. His rest is vital. (vv.1-2a)

· Be careful and don’t fall short of it.

· There is no excuse.

· There was no excuse.

2. His rest is available. (vv. 2b-3)

· By grace….

· Through faith.

3. His rest is our rest. (vv.4-10)

· God rested in His complete work.

· We rest in Christ’s completed work.

4. His rest is confirmation. (vv.12,13)

· In light of God’s Word.

· Before God Himself.


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