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God’s Kingdom: Its Value & Its Influence

Read Matthew 13:44-46

“I would rather be the least doormat in God’s Kingdom than the best chandelier in the world." ~Asil Treblig


God’s Kingdom must...


1. Be personally appropriated.

2. Be valued as priceless.

3. Be experienced with joy.

4. Be lived out through surrender.




1. Remember a time when you wanted something really bad, and you would do almost anything to get it. Explain.

2. Read Psalm 44:4; 47:5-9. How do these verses describe God and what can we deduce from that description?

3. Read Mt.3:2; 7:21, Col.1:13. When is the Kingdom coming and how do we enter it?

4. Read Mt.25:1-30. What further insight do these verses give us on the Kingdom of Heaven?

5. How would you describe the Kingdom of God to someone, and how would you tell them how to get in?


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