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GO... Love: We Owe It To Our Neighbor

Why do we owe love to our neighbor?

1. We were indebted to God.

  • God created us to love Him, love each other; we have done the opposite.

  • This world is a gift to us; we have treated it poorly.

  • This puts us in debt with God, love is God’s law.

  • Our debt is sin and we must pay for it.

2. We have been forgive of our debts to God.

  • Remember our past and how we have been forgiven of our sin.

  • God saved us from His wrath through faith in Christ.

3. Now our eternal debt to God is love towards all.

  • This debt is eternal since our salvation is eternal.

  • We have received God’s love and forgiveness, we must do the same to others.

  • Jesus loved everyone no matter what, even His enemies.

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1 Comment

Deborah Werner
Apr 23, 2023

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