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Collide: When Grace Hits... Our Temptation

Read Matthew 4:1-11

“Temptation only proves our need for a savior, and that it never goes away proves our need for continuing grace” ~Asil Treblig

When grace hits our temptation there is victory! But we have to…

1. Realize our reality.

· Temptation will come.

· The Devil is real.

2. Realize our dependence on God.

· His will.

· His Word.

3. Realize our trust in God.

· His timing.

· His way.

4. Realize our inheritance from God.

· His riches.

· His glory.

5. Realize our power from God.

· To resist temptation.

· Over the Devil.

  1. Remember a time when you gave in to temptation. How did you feel? How about a time when you stood up against it?

  2. Read James 1:13-18. What do these verses say to you about temptation?

  3. Read 1John 2:15-17. Explain what cravings, lust, and boasting mean to you? How can they become temptations?

  4. Read 1Cor.10:13. Explain how God provides a way out for us when we are tempted.

  5. How are you being tempted in your season of life? What are you doing about it?



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