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...With our BEHAVIOR 10.27.19

"Getting Real" draws from the Epistle of James. Pastor Craig Gilbert helped us look into what it looks like to be REAL with our behavior.

Read James 3:13-18 in preparation.

“The biggest fool is the one who knows the truth and doesn’t even try to apply it”

-Asil Treblig

Godly wisdom and faith...

1. Is shownby good behavior.(v.13)

· Behavior shown by works.

· Works done in humility.

2. Is not incessantly selfish or bitter. (v.14)

· These things are earthly, unspiritual, and evil.

· These things bring disorder and other sins.

· This is not godly wisdom!

3. Is pure and is: (vv.17,18)

· Peace – loving and considerate

· Submissive, merciful, and fruitful

· Impartial and sincere.


1. How would you describe wisdom and why?

2. How is true wisdom revealed and in what attitude is it shown.

3. Read Proverbs 2:1-15. What further insights are gained about wisdom?

4. In Pr. 2:1-5 there are three “if you” statements.

What are they and what does God promise when we do these things?

5. List three things that hinder you personally from gaining wisdom.

How can you overcome these things?


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