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Unstoppable: The Kingdom, the Spirit, and Me

Acts 1:1-11

“There is no people, movement, or force as powerful as the Church... there just isn’t!” ~Asil Treblig.

1. The Kingdom

· Jesus inaugurates the Kingdom.

· Jesus demonstrated the Kingdom.

· Jesus consummates the Kingdom.

2. The Spirit

· We wait on the Spirit.

· We receive the Spirit.

· We are baptized with the Spirit.

3. And me

· Live a life of faith in God.

· Live a life empowered by God.

· Live a life on mission for God.

  1. Remember a time when you were part of something big. Something you thought was exciting and impactful. Explain.

  2. When you think of the Kingdom of God what comes to mind? How is it different than where we live now?

  3. Read Daniel chapter 2, especially verse 44. What does this say about the Kingdom?

  4. Read Matthew 25:14-30. What further insights into the Kingdom can be gleaned from these verses?

  5. Are you living in the Kingdom of God? How can you be more engaged? How can you experience God more fully?


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