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...With all people 10.6.19

We began a new sermon series entitled "Getting Real", which draws from the Epistle of James. Pastor Shawn Johnson helped us look into what it looks like to be REAL with all people. Read James 2:1-13 in preparation.

"Flattery is now called the artificial sweetener, and the flattery that gets you

nowhere is the kind to listen to."


Get real and treat people the same because...

1. We are believers in Christ. (v.1)

2. We can be fooled by looks. (v.5-7)

3. We are called to love people. (v.8)

4. We deliberatelysin when we don’t. (v.9-11)

5. We have been shown mercy. (v.12,13)


1. Read 1 Sam.16:1-7. What does man look at when we judge people?

What does God look at?

2. Read Job 34:16-19. Why shouldn’t we show partiality?

3. Read Acts 10:34,35 and the context. Does God show any favoritism?

4. In what ways do you show favoritism and why is it a sin?

5. How would we treat people different if we kept the royal law (Lev. 19:18)?


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