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Who's a Murderer?

Read Matthew 5:21-26

“Just when we think we are 'all that', Jesus shows us what 'that' really is.” ~Asil Treblig


What murder is :

1. The selfish ___________________ of another person.

2. Heartfelt ________________ towards another person.

- Unrighteous anger

- Raca : showing utter contempt

- Fool : character assassination

What murder does :

3. Adversely affects our _____________________.

4. Adversely affects our ___________________________.


- Are you becoming more like Christ on the inside?

- Don’t make up for integrity by performing.


- Be reconciled to God and others.

- Be a blessing and not a burden.


1. Think of a time that you were really angry at someone. What happened and what emotions did you feel?

2. Read 1 John 3:11-20. Elaborate on the main point of these verses.

3. The word translated hate here is the Greek word mineo and means to show ill will towards someone in word or conduct. What might this look like in our lives? What does it show?

4. What is the main fruit that people should see in Christians? Who is our greatest example of this?

5. In what ways can you show the love of Christ to the people in your life?


Blanks: killing, anger, worship, relationships.


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