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Jesus and Final Inspection

Read Matthew 7:21-27

“We still judge books by their covers, DVD’s by their cases and movies by their trailers… why do we do that?" ~Asil Treblig


Christ righteousness points to our heart… it’s not a matter of what we say or look like but what and who we are.

There will be a final inspection of our life. (v.22)

To fail, just play the part and…

1. Have the right language and concerns.

2. Have the right belief and appearance.

How have you been playing the part… deceiving others and yourself?

To pass, have a change of heart and…

1. Build on the right foundation.

2. Build using the right materials.

3. Build and go through testing.


· Follow Christ’s example.

· Surrender is the key.


· A Christ like example to the world.


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