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What Is Your Intention?

Read Mt.5:31-32; 19:3-9

“Although we will never be perfect in this life, it’s God’s passionate desire to continually transform our hearts and lives to reflect the beauty, love and holiness of Jesus.” ~Chip Ingram


  1. God has an _______________ for marriage.

  2. God _______ divorce, in some cases, because of sin.

  3. God _______ divorce due to _____________________.

BECOME: - Honestly evaluate your intentions. - Allow God to transform your heart. BE: - Strive to glorify God in all relationships. - Be proactive in strengthening your relationships.

GOING DEEPER - Think about your relationship with God...what are your intentions? Are you trying to do the least amount of work possible or are you willing to do what it takes to grow in your relationship?

- What actions have you taken or what actions are you going to take to strengthen your relationship with God and with your spouse?


Blanks: intended design, permits, sin, permits, marital unfaithfulness.


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