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Unapologetic About Salvation

Read Hebrews 10:1-18

“We all drive wrecked cars we want to make look good… They are still wrecked!" ~Asil Treblig

Why Christ came:

1. The Old Testament sacrifices were insufficient. (vv.1-4)

· Real but not reality.

· Repeatedly offered.

· Restricted results.

What Christ did:

2. Christ offered an all sufficient sacrifice. (vv.5-10)

· He became the God-man.

· He was obedient unto death.

· He made us holy.

Where Christ is:

3. Seated at the right hand of God. (vv.11-18)

· He rested from His work.

· We can now rest in His work.


1. Remember a time when you tried to accomplish something and you just couldn’t do it no matter how hard you tried. Explain.

2. Read Hebrews 7:11-10:18. What was wrong with the Old Testament sacrificial system and why did people still feel guilty?

3. According to the above verses why is Christ a better High Priest and why was his sacrifice better than that of animals?

4. Read Romans 8:1-4. What do these verses say about those who have believed in Christ? How should we feel about our sin, past and present?

5. Are you living a law filled life, or a grace filled life? What expectations are you placing on other believers?


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