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Unapologetic About Marriage and Family

Read Genesis 2:4-25, et al

“The family unit has always been God’s building block for society, and always will be, this side of eternity." ~ Asil Treblig

The 4 W’s of a God Glorifying Christian Marriage:

1. What is marriage?

  • A covenant to keep.

  • A glory to display.

  • A challenge to work out.

2. Why Get Married?

  • To have companionship.

  • To become one flesh.

  • To have and raise children.

3. When Should you Get Married?

  • Before you have children/sex.

  • When you can support children.

  • When you can fulfill your role.

4. Who Can Be Married?

  • People who are equally yoked.

  • People of the opposite sex.


1. Remember a time when family was really important to you. Explain why.

2. Read Ephesians 5:22-32. What insights can we gain about marriage?

3. Read Matthew 22:30. Why is there no marriage in Heaven? Now read Rev.19:7-9 for further insight.