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The CHURCH: Christ is Seen in the World Through the Church

The Church is the only society that exists for the benefit of those who are not it’s members.” ~William Temple

Scripture Reference: 1 Timothy 3:15,Acts 14:15-17

“The Truths We and the World Need To See”

The Truth of God’s Character:

  1. We the church remind one another of who God is.

  2. We inform the world of who God s through how we treat people.

The Truth of God’s Creation:

  1. We don’t worship people or things.

  2. The earth and everything in it are a gift from God.

The Truth of Human Responsibility:

  1. We worship, learn, and serve God with and through each other.

  2. We have been forgiven for the sin of not worshiping God.

  3. We inform the world that God’s anger is looming over them.


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