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The CHURCH: Better Together

Read Ephesians 4:1-16

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” ~ Aristotle

Better together means we are one!

In order to have oneness we have to understand…

1. The Way to Unity. (vs.1-3)

· Humility

· Gentleness

· Patience

Are you attempting to live up to your calling?

2. The Focus of Unity. (vs.4-6)

· Oneness

Is the focus of your life still you?

3. The Challenge to Unity. (vs. 7-13)

· Differences

· Maturity

Are you realizing the fullness of Christ in your life?

4. The Goal of Unity. (vs. 14-16)

· Christlikeness

Are you doing your part to grow up in Christlikeness?


1. Remember a time when you were in disunity with a group or organization that you were supposed to be unified with. Explain.

2. Read Romans 12:1-21. What kind of an attitude should we have, and why, if we are to be living sacrifices?

3. According to the above verses what must we be concerned about doing in order to be living sacrifices?

4. When we have the right attitude which will lead to doing right things how might our relationships with people change?

5. What do you need to do this week in order to be a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God?


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