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The CHURCH: Better Together

Read Ephesians 4:1-16

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” ~ Aristotle

Better together means we are one!

In order to have oneness we have to understand…

1. The Way to Unity. (vs.1-3)

· Humility

· Gentleness

· Patience

Are you attempting to live up to your calling?

2. The Focus of Unity. (vs.4-6)

· Oneness

Is the focus of your life still you?

3. The Challenge to Unity. (vs. 7-13)

· Differences

· Maturity

Are you realizing the fullness of Christ in your life?

4. The Goal of Unity. (vs. 14-16)

· Christlikeness

Are you doing your part to grow up in Christlikeness?


1. Remember a time when you were in disunity with a group or organization that you were supposed to be unified with. Explain.

2. Read Romans 12:1-21. What kind of an attitude should we have, and why, if we are to be living sacrifices?