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Radical Truthfulness

Read Matthew 5:33-36

“Lying comes natural to us. It’s telling the truth that takes a second thought. I hate that! ” ~Robert Morgan


1. God cares about __________________________.

2. God cares about our _________________.

3. God cares about heartfelt __________________________.

- Don’t swear by God.

- Don’t swear by others.

- Don’t swear by yourself.

4. Just tell the _________________.


  • Jesus always told the truth... in love!

  • Jesus always told the whole truth.


  • Be a person of your word.

  • Be quick to listen and slow to speak.


  1. Remember a time when you were caught in a lie. Why did you do it and how did you feel afterwards?

  2. Read Jeremiah 1:6,7 and Leviticus 9:12. What were God’s people encouraged to do and why?

  3. Read Numbers 30:2 and Proverbs 12:22. When God’s people made a vow what were they expected to do?

  4. Read Matthew 12:33-37. How do our words matter? What are they an indicator of?

  5. How is your heart and are your words a good indicator of it? Make a quick list of lies you tell, ask God to forgive you and let’s start telling the truth… whole truth…and nothing but the truth!


Blanks: honesty, heart, honesty, truth.


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