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A Father's Faith: Like a Rock

Read John 4:43-54

“The reward of being a father is not what you receive from your kids one day a year, but what you leave them all the days of your life.” ~Asil Treblig

Men, Rock like faith takes...

  1. Responsibility.

  2. Obedience.

  3. Courage.

  4. Knowledge.

Going Deeper
  1. Remember a time when you knew God was asking you to do something that was hard to do?

  2. How did people already know Jesus in Galilee?

  3. Do you think people genuinely believe when they see signs and wonders? Why or why not?

  4. How did the official demonstrate faith? How did Jesus demonstrate who he is?

  5. What are three things you can take away from this account to strengthen your faith?



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