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Jesus & Worry

Read (Matthew 6:25-34)

“We all worry, and no matter how we try to justify it, it’s wrong… I worry about that” ~Asil Treblig


1. Worry is unnecessary…

because of who we serve! (v.19)

2. Worry is untrusting

because of who we are! (vv.26-30)

3. Worry is unreasonable

because of our calling! (vv.31-33)

4. Worry is unwise…

because of our future! (v.34)


· Jesus modeled trust and contentment.

· Jesus showed us Kingdom living.


· In what ways can you trust more and worry less?

· Are you living out Kingdom values?


1. Remember a time when you were worried about something. How did it turn out? Did worrying about it change the outcome?

2. Read John 10:11-15 and 1 Peter 5:7. What do these verses tell us to do and why.

3. Read Ps.55:22 and Proverbs 12:25. What insight can you gain about worry.