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Jesus & Prayer

Read Matthew 6:9,10

“Imagine an audience with God, having His full attention, His mind and heart on matters, imagine Him eager to meet with you and talk… Imagine prayer!” ~Asil Treblig


1. God’s _________ in prayer.

· Our Father…

· in Heaven…

2. God’s ________ in prayer.

· Hallowed be…

· your name.

3. God’s _______ in prayer.

· Your Kingdom come…

4. God’s ____ in prayer.

· Your will be done…

· On earth as it is in Heaven.


· Jesus was a great prayer warrior.

· Jesus prayed at all times and in all circumstances.


· Are you using the greatest opportunity in the world?

Going Deeper

1. What is prayer to you and how would you describe it to someone who doesn’t pray.

2. Read John 17:1-5. What insights can we gain about prayer from these verses. Did Jesus pray a little different than how we should pray, if so how?

3. Read John 17:6-19. What insights about prayer do we gain from these verses?

4. Read John 17:20-26. Please read this as a prayer Jesus prays for you. How did He pray for you and how does this teach us to pray for others?

5. What have you learned about prayer and how can you use this new knowledge in the future?


Blanks: paternity, priority, picture, plan.


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