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Jesus Justice: Jesus & Favoritism

Read James 2:1-13

Favoritism (Greek - Prosoplempsia): Lifting up someones face with idea of judging only by their appearance.

The Command:

1. Do not show __________. (v. 1)

The Example:

2. Judging people by their __________. (vv. 2,3)

The Verdict:

3. Favoritism is discrimination and ____. (v. 4)

The Inconsistency:

4. It doesn’t match with God’s _________. (vv. 5-7)

The Sentence:

5. Blatant discrimination is ______. (vv. 8-11)

The Answer:

6. Show your genuine faith and be ________. (vv. 12,13)

Going Deeper Questions

1. Remember a time when you may have been judged by your appearance. How did it make you feel?

2. Read James 2:10-11. What is discrimination to you. What does James call discrimination?

3. Read Job 34:10-19. What do these verses say about God. What then does it say about those who follow God?

4. Read Acts 10:23-40. What did Peter learn about God? How is this applied to the church today and in your personal life?