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  • Niki Kelley

Incarnation: The Ultimate... Revelation

Hebrews 1:1-4

“The incarnation is God’s living picture of himself. What better way to communicate to us than becoming one of us.” ~ Asil Treblig

Revelation: The act or acts of revealing or communicating divine truth by God to humans. (Websters Dictionary)

1. God has revealed himself in past times.

  • Through prophets, and in various ways.

2. God has revealed himself in these last days through his Son, who is….

  • The Heir of all things.

  • Creator of all things.

  • The light of God’s glory.

  • The exact representation of God’s nature.

  • Sustainer of all things.

  • The forgiver of our sins.

  • Our great High Priest.


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