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God's Got Justice

Read 1 Peter 2:18-25

“There is no justice but God’s justice... and that’s hard to accept." - Asil Treblig

Even in times of uncertainty God’s justice should prevail, and God’s justice includes trusting him for it and...

1. __________ to people over us. (v.18)

  • With respect.

  • This includes all people.

2. _________ for doing good. (vs.19,20)

  • It shows trust.

  • It is commendable.

  • It is our calling.

3. ______ our example in Jesus. (vs.21-25)

  • He is our perfect example.

  • He trusted the Fathers justice.

Going Deeper Questions

1. Remember a time when you had a bad relationship with a boss or co-worker. How did it feel going to work?

2. Read Ephesians 6:5-9. Do these passages offer any new insight to relationships in the work environment?

3. According to the above verses, as employees or employers how are we to do our jobs?

4. Read Romans 12:9-12. How do these verses on love help us with work relationships and relating to each other in general?

5. Is there anyone right now that you need to live in peace with. What can you do to to help the process?


Blanks: 1. Submitting, 2. Suffering, 3. Seeing


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