God with us brings us real HOPE 12.1.19

This advent season we are looking at how God is With Us and what exactly that brings us.

Read Luke 1:5-25 in preparation.

You can listen to the sermon on our sermons page by clicking here.

“When we are down to nothing... then know, God is always up to something.”

-Jim Twamley

God with us gives us

real hope...

Hope from our past. (v.7)

· From our sins.


Hope in our present. (v.13)

· Hope of God now.

· Hope of grace.

Hope for our future. (v.67-80)

· God is the God of His plan

· God is the God of His word.

· God is the God of His promises.


1. Recall a time when you were extremely hopeful.

Did what you were hoping for or in come through?

2. What is the difference between biblical hope and worldly hope?

3. Read Psalm 62:5-8. Where does our hope come from and why?

4. Read Hebrews 6:13-20. What is our hope based on?

5. What are you hopeful for today and are you certain of its reality?

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