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God with us brings us JOY 12.15.19

This advent season we are looking at how God is With Us and what exactly that brings us.

Read Luke 2:8-20 in preparation.

You can listen to the sermon on our sermons page by clicking here.

“Jesus gives us all we need for joy…someone to love, something to do,

and something to hope for!”

- Asil Treblig

God with us gives JOY...

Joy comes to everyone. (vs. 8,10)

· The ordinary

· The ________________________

Joy comes to us. (v.9)

· God takes the initiative

· God meets us where we are.

Joy comes to us in Christ. (v.11)

· Not in our circumstances.

· Not in worldly things.

Joy comes to change our life. (v.17)


1. Recall a time when you were especially joyful?

2. Read Psalm 43:4. What does this verse tell us about joy?

3. Read 1Thes.2:17-20 and 3 John 4. What is the source of glory and joy?

How can we be that to each other?

4. Read 1Thes.5:16? How can we be “joyful always?”

5. Write down a few things that we have from or in Christ that we will never lose that

should bring us joy. Meditate on those things and see if a smile wont come to your face!

#GodWithUs #Advent #Joy


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