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God with us brings us JOY 12.15.19

This advent season we are looking at how God is With Us and what exactly that brings us.

Read Luke 2:8-20 in preparation.

“Jesus gives us all we need for joy…someone to love, something to do,

and something to hope for!”

- Asil Treblig

God with us gives JOY...

Joy comes to everyone. (vs. 8,10)

· The ordinary

· The ________________________

Joy comes to us. (v.9)

· God takes the initiative

· God meets us where we are.

Joy comes to us in Christ. (v.11)

· Not in our circumstances.

· Not in worldly things.

Joy comes to change our life. (v.17)


1. Recall a time when you were especially joyful?

2. Read Psalm 43:4. What does this verse tell us about joy?

3. Read 1Thes.2:17-20 and 3 John 4. What is the source of glory and joy?

How can we be that to each other?

4. Read 1Thes.5:16? How can we be “joyful always?”

5. Write down a few things that we have from or in Christ that we will never lose that

should bring us joy. Meditate on those things and see if a smile wont come to your face!


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