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  • Niki Kelley

God’s Kingdom: Its Value & Its Influence, Part 2

Read Matthew 13:31-35

“I would rather scrub floors in the house of my God than be a guest of honor in the palace of sin” ~Psalm 84:10, the Message

God’s Kingdom must…

  1. Be personally appropriated.

  2. Be faithfully disseminated.

  3. Be persistently attended.

  4. Be enthusiastically expected.

  1. Remember a time when you experienced a little thing turn into something big.

  2. Read Mark 4:21-25. What is the meaning of this parable and how does it relate to the influence of the Kingdom?

  3. Read Mark 4:1-20. What further insights can be gained about the Kingdom from these verses?

  4. Read 2 Peter 1:3-9. How will following these verses help you influence others towards Christ likeness?

  5. What small thing can you do today that may have a big impact on someone?


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