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Faith That is Pleasing to God

Read Matthew 6:1-4

“God sees not only what we do, but why we do it. That can work for us, or against us.” ~Asil Treblig


How and why we do what we do matters!

When it comes to living out our faith...

1. Be _____________________ !

  • Remember our sinful nature.

  • Our ego can lead us astray.

2. Don’t put on a show for ____________ .

  • To be seen by them.

  • To be rewarded by them.

3. Do all things for God’s ________________ !

  • To secure praise for God.

  • To receive rewards in Heaven.


  • Check your motives.

  • Are you living out what you say you believe?


  • Humble like Jesus.

  • Living to an audience of One.


Blanks: careful, men, glory.


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