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DTR: Defining the Relationship... with God

(Various passages)

“Covenant is all about relationship between the Creator and His creation. The idea may be simple; however, the implications of covenant and covenant relationship between God and humankind are vast…" ~ J.A. Grant and A.I. Wilson

1. What is a Covenant?

  • Bilateral vs. Unilateral

  • Conditional vs. Unconditional

2. Five Biblical Covenants:

  • Noahic Covenant

  • Abrahamic Covenant

  • Mosaic Covenant

  • Davidic Covenant

  • New Covenant

  1. Remember a time when you made a promise and didn’t follow through or someone made a promise to you and bailed. What happened?

  2. What is a covenant and why do you think God has used them throughout redemptive history to be in relationship with Him?

  3. Read Exodus 19-24; Matthew 5:17,18. What covenant did Moses bring and why aren’t we under that covenant today?

  4. Read Jeremiah 31:31-34; Luke 22:20; Hebrews 8. What covenant are we in with Him today? What has God promised in this covenant and what is our responsibility?

  5. Because God is the ultimate promise keeper, write out as many things as you can that God has given you or will give you and will never take back.


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