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Jesus and Enemies

Read Matthew 5:43-48

“Loving people is easy, it’s showing it that’s hard!” ~Asil Treblig


Love wins over our enemies...every time!

  1. Love that is not _______. (v. 43)

  2. Love that is _________. (v. 44)

  3. Love that shows off ___. (v. 45)

  4. Love that sets us _____. (vv. 46,47)

  5. Love that is ______. (v. 48)


  • Christ loved us first, while we were His enemy.

  • Christ taught Kingdom rules and lived them out.


  • Are you being grace in all your relationships?

  • Who do you need to show love to today?


  1. Remember a time when you showed unconditional Christ-like love to someone. Remember a time when you needed it and no one showed it.

  2. Read Romans 12:17-21. Why shouldn't we repay evil for evil?

  3. According to the above verses what is the best way to get even?

  4. What happens to us and out enemies when we respond the right way?

  5. Who is your neighbor? Who is your enemy? Are you treating them the same?


Blanks: limited, unlimited, God, apart, divine.


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