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...IN TEMPTATION 9.22.19

We began a new sermon series entitled "Getting Real", which draws from the Epistle of James. Pastor Craig kicked things off, looking at how we can get real and show our faith in the temptation we're sure to face in life. Read James 1:9-18 in preparation.

You can listen to the sermon on our sermons page by clicking here.

"Temptations are certain to ring your doorbell; but it’s your own fault if

you ask them in to stay for dinner.”

- William Gladstone

Get real and show your faith in Temptation by...

1. Acknowledging the source. (v.13)

· It’s not God.

· It’s not your circumstances.

· It’s your own evil desires.

2. Not following the course.(v.15)

· Getting lured away from the Path.

· Once lured away you take the bait.

This course inevitably leads to separation from God

3. Remembering God is good.(v.16,17)

· We can be deceived into thinking otherwise.

· Even in times of trial and temptation.

· God proved He is good by saving us.