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Be People of Power 1.26.20

Read 2 Peter 1:3-4 in preparation.

“There is no power in the world like God’s divine enablement to love and serve Him and His people…none!" - G.K.Sheffield

as people of power we have...

1. Limitless power. (v.3)

2. Plenary power. (v.3)

3. Saving power. (v.3)

4. Sanctifying power. (v.3)

5. Power in promises. (v.4)

6. Power in participation. (v.4)

Going Deeper...

1. Read John 16:5-16. Why did Jesus say it is good that he goes to the Father?

2. What are the two different names that Jesus uses to describe the Spirit and what does

He say the Spirit will do in and for us?

3. Read Acts 1:1-11. What is the gift the disciples were supposed to wait for?

What did they receive and what were they to do empowered by it?

4. Read Galatians 5:16-26. What is the conflict that Paul talks about? What is the solution?

What does the solution practically look like in our life?

5. What are same practical things you can do to produce more fruit in your life?


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