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...With our W.M.D 10.20.19

"Getting Real" draws from the Epistle of James. Pastor Craig Gilbert helped us look into what it looks like to be REAL with our weapon of mass destruction.

Read James 3:1-12 in preparation.

You can listen to the sermon on our sermons page by clicking here.

“Medical doctors measure physical health by how the tongue looks. The Great

Physician measures spiritual health by how the tongue acts.”


W.M.D.:Weapon of mass destruction is a term used to describe munitions with the capacity to indiscriminately kill or injure a large number of human beings.

Get real with your W.M.D by…

1. Realizing its potential to corrupt. (v.1)

2. Realizing its power to control.(v.2-5)

3. Realizing its propensity to consume. (v.5,6)

4. Realizing its powerless to concede. (v.7,8)

5. Realizing its proneness to contention.


1. Why is it easy for teachers to make mistakes?