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Theology 101: God is... So, We are... (7.30)

Read Ephesians 1:11-14

“A majority of what God has promised us is still yet to come! That’s crazy, because what I have now is more than enough.” ~Asil Treblig

God is gracious, peaceful, full of goodness, generous, sovereign, loving, inclusive, relational, forgiving, all-knowing, all-powerful and...

1. A promise keeper.

So, in Christ we are saints, full of faith, immeasurably blessed, chosen, adopted, redeemed, forgiven, wise, understanding, hopeful, and…

2. Heirs in Christ.

3. Worshipers of His glory.

4. Sealed in Him.

  1. Remember a time when you didn’t follow through on a promise or someone you counted on didn’t. How did it make you feel?

  2. Read Numbers 23:19; 1Kings 8:56 and Psalms 89:34. What do these verses say about why we should trust God?

  3. What does it mean to be an heir and what inheritance is ours in Christ? Ephesians 1:3, and 1Peter 1:3-9 may help!

  4. Read 2Corinthians 1:18-22. What further insight can we gain from these verses?

  5. Being led by the Spirit, thank God for al that He has done for you and for your inheritance in Christ… be as specific as possible.



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