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Theology 101: God is... So, We are... (7.2)

Read Ephesians 1:56

“Adoption is a very intentional process of love and grace… it is the visible Gospel." ~John Piper

God is… gracious, peaceful, full of goodness, generous, sovereign and…

1. Loving, inclusive and relational.

So, we are… saints, full of faith, immeasurably blessed, chosen and…

2. Adopted by our sovereign God.

3. Sons of God through Christ.

4. Recipients of His glorious grace in Christ.

  1. How do you feel about your current family arrangement… loved, secure, blessed or... ?

  2. Read Galatians 4:1-7. What do these verses say about believers in Christ?

  3. Read Romans 8:15-25. What further insight can be gained from these verses?

  4. What do you think we are heirs of and what might we expect is our inheritance as God’s children?

  5. Who can you share the insight you have gained from this with? Do it!!

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Deborah Werner
05 jul 2023

This was a great sermon when it was preache d, but I just received thus on 7/5/23, which was not the sermon last Sunday, why again?

Me gusta
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