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The Holidays Remind Us of God's Call To Invite. 12.29.19

How does this holiday season affect you? Does it drive you to invite people into your lives? Into the Kingdom? Into a relationship with Christ?

Read Matthew 2:2-12 and Luke 2:6-12 in preparation.

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“The legacy of Christmas as a holiday itself has promoted more

goodwill in the world than any in history.”


Things to Do in the

New Year:

1. REJOICE exceedingly.

2. WORSHIP OUR Lord Jesus.

3. SHARE your gifts.

4. FEAR The Lord.

5. SEEK after Jesus.


1. How important are Christmas and Thanksgiving to you?

2. How have they impacted you?

3. How did God lead you to Christ?

4. How will you be more inviting like God, the wiseman,

and the shepherds this coming year?



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