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Shaken Up... to Throw Off... to Live Out!

Read Hebrews 12:1-3

“Everyone who is involved in something important should take it seriously… or don’t get involved, it’s not fair to the rest of us."

Throughout history God has always shaken things up.

Let us get serious and throw off:

1. Everything that _______ us.

  • Fear, our box, our worldly views

  • Lack of faith, our comfort, laziness

2. The sin that _________ us.

  • Selfishness, idolatry

  • Pride, disobedience

Let us run:

3. Intentionally with ____________.

4. Fixing our eyes on _____.

5. Excitedly with _____________.

Going Deeper

  1. Remember a time when you were struggling with sin or a major distraction in your life. How did this effect your faith and relationship with God?

  2. Read Psalm 51:1-12. What insights about confession and sin do get from these verses?

  3. Read Psalm 51:13-19. What do these verses tell us about serving and sacrificing for God and what God can do through us?

  4. Read Philippians 3:1-14. What do these verses say about our race of faith and how we should run it?

  5. In what area of your life do you need to repent? How can you fix your eyes more on Jesus?


Blanks: 1. hinders, 2. entangles, 3. perseverance, 4. Jesus, 5. encouragement.


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