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Shaken Up... to Throw Off... to Live Out!

Read Joshua 1:1-9

“Shake ups are necessary because life doesn’t get better by chance but by change.”

Throughout history God has always shaken things up. But we are…

1. Never without Divine ______. (vs. 1-4)

2. Never without Divine _____________. (v. 5a)

3. Never without Divine ________. (v. 5b)

4. Never without Divine __________. (v. 6)

5. Never without Divine _________. (v. 7)

6. Never without Divine _________. (v. 8)

Going Deeper

1. Remember a time when God shook your life. How did you feel going through it. How is it different now?

2. Read Psalm 103. What are some initial thoughts that come to mind? Write down as many of the attributes of God that you can from this chapter.

3. Meditate on your above list. Do any of these attributes about God change even if our circumstances do?

4. Re-read Psalm 103 and write down all the things that it says God does for us. Do any of these things change even if our circumstances do?

5. Can you see how focusing on God’s unchangeable nature can help us through shakes up in our life? Explain.


Blanks: 1. vision, 2. encouragement, 3. presence, 4. leadership, 5. direction, 6. assurance.



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