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Reveal: What Salvation Looks Like

Luke 19:1-10

“The reality of salvation is loving God like he’s a superhero who actually saved you from bad stuff rather than a santa claus who merely gave you good stuff.” ~Asil Treblig.

Jesus came to reveal to us what salvation looks like, and it includes…

1. The Seeking Sinner.

  • His problem.

  • His desire.

  • His persistence.

2. The Seeking Savior.

  • Who knows our name.

  • Who hears the desire of our heart.

  • Who sees us as who we are.

3. The Stunning Salvation.

  • There was obedience.

  • There was repentance.

  • There was verbal affirmation.


  1. Remember a time when you wondered how something worked or would turn out and then you found out. Explain.

  2. Are you more comfortable around church people or people who don’t attend church. Explain.

  3. Read Luke 7:36-50. What Who was this woman and why did she wash Jesus’ feet?

  4. What can we learn about Jesus from these verses?

  5. What can we learn about ourselves from these verses?


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