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Reveal: What Our Real King Looks Like

Matt. 21:1-11

“Kindness and thoughtfulness keep a king safe… through mercy his throne is made secure.” ~King Solomon

Jesus came to reveal that as our King, He is…

  1. A Personal King.

  2. A Humble King.

  3. A Peaceful King.

  4. A Sovereign King.

  5. A Worshipful King.

  6. A Conquering King.


  1. Think of a time when you had a boss or someone in your life who acted like a king. Explain your experience.

  2. What do you think a king should act like and why?

  3. Read Proverbs 20:28; 29:4; 14. What do these verses say about how a king should govern?

  4. Read Jeremiah 23:5; Isaiah 9:7; and Daniel 7:14. What further insight about a king can we gain from these verses?

  5. If Jesus is our King, how should we act towards Him?


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