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Reveal: The Law of Love

Matthew 5:38-48

“Love should be a river that flows out of us from the deluge of grace that God continually dumps upon us.” ~Asil Treblig

God wanted to show us in Christ the new law of love. So…

1. Take off the old law of retaliation.

a. Hold loosely to your dignity.

b. Hold loosely to your security.

c. Hold loosely to your liberty.

d. Hold loosely to your property.

2. Put on the new law of grace.

a. Love your enemies.

b. Pray for your persecutors.

c. Show off who you are.

d. Be like our Heavenly Father.

  1. Remember a time when it was really hard for you to love someone? Explain what happened.

  2. Read 1Peter 3:8-12. What can we learn about love from these verses?

  3. Read 1John 3:11-15. What additional insight about love do we get from these verses?

  4. Read 1John 3:16-20. What does love look like according to these verses?

  5. Who can you be loving better today? Does your love for others look like Christs love for you?


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