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Real Christmas: Jesus!

Read Luke 2:39-52; 3:21,22


1. Was a real child.

· Strong

· Full of God’s wisdom and grace.

2. Was a real tween.

· But… was a teacher.

· But… knew he was God’s Son.

3. Was a real man.

· He modeled sonship.

· Grew in wisdom, stature and favor.

4. Was a real Savior.

· The Son of God.

· The Son of Man.

Going Deeper
  1. Remember a time when you doubted or questioned that Jesus was real.

  2. What happened and how did you come back to your senses?

  3. Read Luke 4:14-21. What further insight do we gain about Jesus?

  4. Read Luke 4:22-30. How did his hometown react to Jesus?

  5. How do you think you would have reacted? Is it consistent with how you are reacting now?


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