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Mother's Day: God's Bouquet

Read Proverbs 31:25-31

“Nothing shows off God better than His character in us. Ladies, thanks for being such good show offs!” ~A. Treblig

A woman’s character is God’s bouquet, and in her is:

F___________. Strength for and in various applications. Inner security and peace to persevere.

L________. Dignity and honor in all occasions. Full of adornment and splendor and shines forth brightly.

O________________. Wise, faithful, and compassionate instruction. Words of encouragement and life.

W______________. Observant and plans ahead. Forward thinking and not getting caught off guard.

E_________. Diligent and industrious. Fully capable and willing.

R_______. To be straight and on the level. To honestly lead and guide.

Going Deeper

  1. Remember a woman who was or is a positive influence in your life… explain.

  2. Read Exodus 2:1-10. What insights do we glean about motherhood from these women?

  3. What stands out the most when you read the above verses and why?

  4. Read 2 Timothy 1:3-7. What do we learn about Timothy’s upbringing? What other insights do you see?

  5. What woman can you thank today for her godly influence... do it!


Blanks: Fortitude, Luster, Openheartedness, Watchfulness, Engaged, Right.



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