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Jesus Justice: Jesus & the Sanctity of Life

Read Psalm 139:1-16

“You can’t pick and choose, either all human life is sacred from conception to the grave or its not… the Bible makes no distinctions and neither will I.” -G.W. MacIntosh

All life is sacred because…

1. God is the _______ of us all. (v. 13)

  • We are made in His image.

  • We are made with an eternal soul.

2. God created us _________. (v. 14)

  • We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

  • We are the crown of His creation.

3. God looks at us with ________. (vv. 15,16)

  • From conception to eternity.

  • As our life unfolds.

Going Deeper Questions

1. What can make us feel like we are NOT fearfully and wonderfully made? How do we know that we are and how can we live into that understanding?

2. Read Job 31:15. What does this verse tell us about God’s involvement with us between conception and birth?

3. Read Ephesians 2:10. What does it mean to be God’s workmanship and to be prepared for good works even before we were born?

4. Read Malachi 3:16,17. How can we be God’s treasured possession? How does that make you feel and what does that motivate you to do?

5. What are some things that you can do now to help yourself and others to know that all life is sacred to God?


Blanks: 1. creator, 2. wonderful, 3. grandeur.


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