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Jesus Justice: Jesus & Human Rights

Varied Scriptures

“Human rights are not a privilege conferred by governments, they are the very basis of our humanity.” -Asil Treblig

Human Rights…

1. are from ___. (Gen.1:27)

· We are created in His image.

· We are of great value to Him.

2. are not Divine ______. (Romans11:33-36)

· God does not owe us anything.

· We owe God everything.

3. are very ___________. (Ephesians 4:1-16)

· Live by the truth.

· Share the truth in love.

4. should always be __________. (Matthew18:21-35)

· Not egotistic.

· Done with the attitude of Christ


Blanks: 1. God, 2. rights, 3. challenging, 4. altruistic.


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