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Incarnation: The Ultimate... Demonstration

Read Romans 3:21-26

Christ is The Ultimate Demonstration of Truth because He:

  1. Demonstrated How to Truly Love God

  2. He loves righteousness and hates wickedness. Hebrews 1:9

  3. He always does what the Father commands Him John 8:29

  4. Demonstrated How to Truly Love Ourselves

  5. He loves Himself thru the knowledge of God the Father’s love for Him. Matthew 12:18

  6. He was confident in God’s love for Him. Romans 8:37-39

  7. Demonstrated How to Truly Love Our Neighbors

  8. He performed miracles that healed, fed, and freed people from oppression. Acts 2:22

  9. He taught people who God the Father is and His Will, even His enemies. John 8:30-59



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